Welcome to Summit Training; Your own Personal Training Coach!


Our mission at Summit Training is to design and provide you with a customized training program based on your unique goals and your body's needs.

We place a high value on;

  • strong coaching relationships
  • professional customer service
  • honest/frequent communication
  • science based exercise and nutrition

Throughout our relationship, we create a plan to follow and adjust it when needed. We work together to figure out what approach delivers the best results for YOU. This launches you towards success through improving your confidence and focus. We strive for you to train smarter and get more from your efforts.

Summit Training's motto is; Change = Change. Change your habits, change your life!

An understanding of Exercise Science empowers your coach to make better training decisions - for you! The science of exercise and nutrition go hand in hand to set yourself up for success. To maximize your results, contact us today to get started!