"After extensive surgery and chemo for cancer, I was very weak and lacking in confidence.  My doctor recommended getting a trainer, and I said "no way- I'm not a spandex type person."  After much persuasion, I decided to give it a try, found Angela, and then discovered I was wrong about trainers.  Angela, through her training, experience and personality brought me back to my former self.  For each session she came with a plan exactly geared to my present condition.  She encouraged and challenged me,  but never pushed me beyond my capabilities.  She explained the how and why of  exercises and varied them.  She wrote out a plan for my vacations.  Gradually, I got stronger, had better balance and gained confidence.  Plus- I had a good time doing it and never wore spandex".    Lynda

      "Your individualized and thoughtful training has helped me more than I can say.  Your instruction has improved my strength and balance significantly.  This has led to much more ease in my yoga practice as well as in my daily activities.  I cannot thank you enough for the last three years.  My continued health is due in a large part to all you do!!!   Thank you so very much"!      Suzanne

      "Having been plagued with a few health issues over the past few years mobility and keeping fit had become a challenge. Angela has worked with me over the last few years to strive for a healthier lifestyle, set attainable goals and remain motivated. She has made working out enjoyable and has designed fitness routines around my individual needs making sure that any health issues are taken into consideration. She is truly an expert at what she does and genuinely wants to help everyone around her reach their goals. She is a great motivator without being overbearing and encourages you to reach new limits in all aspects of life. I would hands down recommend her to anyone who wants help achieving their goals of living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle".    Nancy

      "Over three years ago I found Angela and hired her as my personal trainer.  Since that time she has become an important facet of my life keeping me in shape, coaching me on diet, encouraging me to be my better self. Feeling young again"!    Tom

“I am a male in his 60's with multiple back and neck injuries. Over the past 18 months under Angela's supervision, I have noted increased strength, improved posture and flexibility, and a sense of self-esteem and mastery of progressively more challenging exercises. What I enjoy about our sessions together is Angela's attention to precision, focus on safety, authentic enthusiasm, and devotion to individual client needs.  I have never worked with a better or more pleasant trainer”. Kenneth  MD, MBA, FACS CEO, Healthcare Collaboration

      “Angela Petrigni was my personal trainer for just over a year. My goal with Angela was to improve my core muscle strength and to add on mass to improve my shape and balance out opposing muscle groups. Very soon after our sessions began, it became evident to me that Angela was taking the time to prepare each workout in advance, carefully selecting exercises that would focus on the muscles groups that I had identified as needing attention. She went further by observing the way I used my body during the exercises and identified additional areas I should focus on to restore balance, improve posture and core strength.

      Angela has an exhaustive database of exercises and creative variations that made each workout different, challenging, and most of all, fun. By varying the exercise type and adding in different techniques or equipment, I was able to constantly work the selected muscles groups without getting into a routine. This kept me focused, concentrated and motivated. Most importantly, Angela was able to clearly explain how each exercise worked the targeted muscle, emphasizing technique over weight, the importance of breathing, and of how to avoid injury. She applied pressure when I needed it, patience when I was out of breath, and always arrived with a fantastic, “can-do”, sensible attitude that made our sessions powerful and productive.

      Angela is well trained, deeply knowledgeable and very professional. Our last session together was a sad day for me. I only wish I could bring Angela with me on my move back to NYC!"   Lance  M.D.

      “How do you get from the couch to hiking, running a 5k, and playing soccer??? You find someone who is a trainer that thrives on sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for exercise.  I had one short conversation with Angela that consisted of me explaining the situation I was in and what I wanted to obtain. Her response sold me. She simply said to me “give me two weeks!”  To my surprise within those two weeks I was doing things I never thought I would ever be able. 

      Let me give you a brief background. I was an athlete throughout high school that struggled with weight issues. No matter how hard I would train I could never get into shape or keep my weight under control. After high school my weight continued to climb. As time went on my knees began to give me trouble. I have had 8 knee surgeries over the course of 14 years.  Though the knee pain and weight never really kept me down, it was always a struggle to be a part of the things I loved and things I long to try. In February of 2007 I had reached my all time high weight of 346 lbs. I had reached a desperate point in my life. That was when I had decided to have the gastric bypass surgery. I had the surgery October 31, 2007, since then I have lost 160lbs. The challenge for me now is to maintain that weight loss. I happen to be searching for someone to educate and challenge me to continue with making healthy choices.  Fortunately for me, Angela happened to cross paths with me.

      Since I have been working with Angela my life is continually changing for the better. She listens to my desires and enthusiastically challenges me to go after them. She is well aware of my physical issues and works with me to modify the exercises if needed. She has given me to the tools to succeed; it is up to me to make things happen”.   Kelly 

      “I met Angela when she began working part-time at the fitness center at Manchester Community College where I had been a regular for over a year.

      I had been having a problem with pain in my hips which Angela was not aware of.  Shortly after she began working at the fitness center, Angela asked me to walk and then run on the treadmill.  She had noticed that my hips and my feet turned in when I walked and ran – one leg more so than the other.  Angela gave me a series of exercises to help me with my turnout.  I quickly noticed that I no longer suffered chafing on my right inner thigh from the knee brace I wore on my left knee.  My knees no longer made contact when I walked and ran.  Soon after that, my hip pain was virtually non-existent.

      When I commented to Angela that I no longer chafed from my knee brace, she asked me why I wore a knee brace.  I told her that I had injured my left knee while skiing about ten years ago.  Since then I had been wearing it for skiing and walking on my doctor’s advice.  I had taken up running two years earlier and so also wore it when I ran.  She asked me what happened if I didn’t wear the brace.  I told her I didn’t know, as I always wore it.  She asked me to try short runs without wearing it to see what would happen.  When I didn’t suffer from any pain or swelling, she urged me to try longer and longer runs without wearing it.  I am glad to say, I no longer wear the knee brace for running at all.  My knees and legs have become stronger without the artificial support of the knee brace as Angela knew all along had actually been hampering me.

      Angela was able to identify problems with my form where no other fitness instructor had.  She has helped me become a stronger athlete with her knowledge of strength-training exercises, motivation and support.  I have placed first in my age group in a number of road races.  I don’t believe I would have accomplished this without Angela’s expertise”.   Sue

      “I, being a former high school athlete, thought that I would not need a trainer or that I could do it on my own and still get results. I was wrong and not only did Angela show me how I can better myself but she taught me new techniques and workouts as well and because of that I lost 30lbs in a short amount of time. She also taught me how to better myself outside of the gym with eating better. Our short time together I felt so much better about myself and I learned so much. I also gained a pretty cool friend.  Angela's training methods are very effective; in her style of training she finds the level you're at before putting you in a program. Angela is a very down to earth kind of trainer. She can push you without being a real intimidating person. I would recommend her to anyone, whether it's for losing weight or getting back into shape or just wanting to feel healthier, she is the trainer I would mention to anyone of any age”.    Jeremy

“Angela has provided by far the best training I have ever received.  In less than a year I reached milestones I'd thought impossible due to an old knee problem.  Her approach is friendly and warm, but she can put you through as intense a workout you want or need.  She knows her stuff and teaches as she trains.  The corrections to my form and all the misinformation in the media alone is priceless.  I would recommend Angela to anyone that was serious about reaching a goal”.   Jason

      “A few years ago I went to physical therapy to get treatment for both a bad elbow and an injured hamstring. I managed to hurt both to the point of needing to get help within a few weeks playing baseball and softball.  When I was ready to start doing some rehabilitation I was incredibly fortunate to be assigned to Angela. “Incredibly” may seem like a strong statement, but her help and the knowledge I gained went way beyond just recovering from my immediate injuries. Her positive attitude and smile at six in the morning alone were a good start to any session. I have been training and exercising for over twenty-five years and within the first minute she started teaching me new and really important things about how to take better care of myself. Always amazes me that at any age you can learn something new every day.

      It becomes immediately obvious that Angela really cares about fitness, health, and teaching her clients about proper technique and form. Working with her was nothing like what I see personal trainers doing at the gym over the many years I’ve been training where it’s often obvious they are just going through the motions. Angela constantly observes everything about how you align your body and the form of your movements. She teaches in an effortless way where you feel like you are just talking about exercise and not being corrected or feeling you are not qualified to be at the gym. Within minutes she made it clear to me why my own technique and form could have easily been contributing to my long term issues with my shoulders and elbows. Everything about her approach is simple and effective. Her attention to detail and desire to help you understand what she has spent years studying makes her the best at what she does.  It became clear to me that Angela’s goal was to be sure that I could take care of myself by the time we were done. She gave me everything I needed to continue to train on my own and stay healthy and prevent future injuries. What impressed me even more was to see her provide the same level of excellence to everyone one she worked with or even just said hello to every time I was there. It was obvious that everyone she worked with had the same very high opinion of her and appreciation for the energy and passion she brings to work every day, even at 6 am when I was on the treadmill warming up with a coffee Jolt.

      I not only recommend Angela but have to say she is in a different class of professionals when it comes to the field of exercise, sports, and training. I constantly find myself giving her credit for exercises she provided and the importance of proper form and stretching”.    Paul

“I had an injury to my hip and muscles surrounding that area when I fell down some stairs in 2007.  I had multiple physical therapy visits, chiropractor appointments, dr office visits, xrays and pool therapy sessions.  At my last physical therapist office is where I met Angela.  I can’t begin to say enough about her! 

Once my medical insurance limit was met I hired Angela to work with me on an individual basis in my home as my personal trainer.  I love telling people “I have a personal trainer”.  Every 6-8 weeks we meet to review my next set of exercises.  Each exercise is reviewed and performed by Angela and myself.  Illustrations, a list of exercises with detailed instructions on how to perform each, and Workout chart are provided.  Within the first week after this renewal session, Angela email’s me asking how the exercises are working – do we need to adjust anything, is any particular move making me hurt, do we need to increase weight, do we need to drop an exercises.  Two weeks after that I receive another email asking for updates again.  And when it’s time for my next session, she is on top of that too.

I hired Angela because she listens and knows what I want to achieve.  I am relying on her to help me reach my goals with an individual plan that is specific to my needs and limitations.

I look forward to our sessions and the knowledge she provides”.   Sue